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A scarred man is chasing you, desperate to regain the intel you’ve collected about his traitorous activities. You sprint to your svelte sports car, slide across the hood and prepare to propel yourself into the driver’s seat. Somehow he is upon you. How did he catch up?

Hand-to-hand combat ensues. He strikes your leg, aiming for a nerve point, and instead hits your Ghostek Covert, one in a line of well-crafted Moto Z Force cases. The explosion-proof screen protector deflects the blow and, in fact, inflicts on him some serious pain.

Your colleagues at the agency mocked you when you suggested your phone case could double as a weapon. “Motorola cases are not deadly weapons,” they sneered. “This case doesn’t belong in your secret agent gadget arsenal.”

You’ll show ‘em.

You reach into your hidden pocket and grab your phone, which slides out easily, thanks to its sleek design. A bulky phone case, in this moment, would spell certain defeat for you. Your rival would have you chained up in no time, trapped as he set off a laser that would slowly cut you in half. Eventually. Once it reached you. Which it would only do after he left the room. For some reason.

“Not today!” you shout as the comforting hexagonal texture of one of the world’s top Motorola cases brushes against your fingertips. His eyes widen in acknowledgement of, well, probably your sharp outfit and sick martial arts prowess, but also your transparent phone case, which allows the on-point aesthetic of your phone to shine through. 

Unfortunately for sweet Moto Z Force cases everywhere, yours is about to be sullied with the blood of an enemy spy. Fortunately for your nation, however, the Ghostek Covert is up to the task of cellphone-whipping him. You smack the phone into his forehead. Hard. Twice.

He gasps and staggers backwards, clutching the already-forming knot on his noggin. Despite his disorientation, he manages to get in a lucky swat, knocking your favorite surveillance equipment to the ground. 

For a moment, your heart stops. Not like that time when you were poisoned and your heart actually stopped, though. No, this time, you fear for your beloved phone, which feels almost like a partner in your often-deadly exploits. 

The phone hits the pavement, and you strain your ears for a cracking sound, while simultaneously delivering several throat punches to the deadly foreign-government agent opposite you. You push him back, sweep his legs, then dart down to pick up the phone. 

No cracks! Completely undamaged. Of course! This case has air spring cushion corners! How could you have doubted your phone’s ability to survive? You rest assured that the case’s camera protection kept your camera in full working order, but just to check, you snap a quick pic of your assailant and send it to your superiors. Let them tell you now that your expense reports have been outlandish! 

Tiptoeing over the man’s unconscious body, you climb into your car and drive away, tucking your phone back into its pocket. It’s a shame you won’t get to chat with the Ghostek representative about using the lifetime limited exchange warranty. At least your mission was a success.

  • Ultra-modern design: Bulky cases that mask your phone are a thing of the past. This transparent case design allows your phone’s original colors to shine through while adding texture and interest. 
  • Superior Protective Technology: This two-part phone protection system features a slick case and an unbreakable screen cover. The case has a raised bevel all the way around the screen to prevent possible breaks, as well as air spring cushion corners with drop spring technology, rendering your phone virtually accident-proof. 
  • Explosion-Proof Screen Protector: You read that right. Explosion-proof. We tested it. The phone was undamaged. Can’t say the same for the tester. 
  • Slim-Fit Design: Some two-part phone cases are bulky and awkward, preventing them from fitting in your pocket or bag as desired. The Ghostek Covert has no such problem. This case is sleek and discreet, and will never hamper your style or your functionality. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: We’re so confident our phone case will protect your phone from any villain's evil tactics that we’re offering the Ghostek Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Never worry again.