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After quite a long time, you have managed to squeeze some time for a weekend vacation. Off-days and holidays are rare in the life of those working in intelligence agencies!

It is a Friday and for the next two days you will be chilling out with your close buddies at a forest resort-a few hours journey from where you live.

The thought of enjoying a vacation after so many consecutive missions has boosted your spirits. As you are checking your bags to see if you have missed out on anything, your Samsung Galaxy S8 rings. It is your chief at the agency and he wants you to carry out an urgent mission.

It will take a couple of hours and you can then set out on your much awaited holiday. He asks you to set out alone and a backup team will soon be sent by the agency.

Just as you leave home with the Galaxy S8 in your pocket, you remember leaving the revolver in agency office and your personal weapons are in your house safe. So all you have is the phone in the pocket covered by Ghostek Nautical Series Case. It has started raining, but you need not worry as the phone cover is waterproof.

You reach the spot following the directions given by the chief. It is a deserted building at the end of the city which looks straight out of the pages of a Hollywood horror flick. The dimly lit path adds to the eeriness. You have information about a few miscreants meeting up regarding an upcoming heist they have planned. You have to intercept the gang members.

You get close to the building and hide under a big tree. The night vision glasses you are wearing help you see the nefarious individuals assembling inside the house. You sneak in the house and overhear the gang members talking about their plans. You keep recording it using your Galaxy S8, the water has no effect on it.

All of a sudden, something moves on your left side and you turn back to see it. You hit a squeaking door and this alerts the gang. As they rush for you, you hide using the darkness in the attic. The criminals shoot in your direction and this and the fact that you are diving out of the way is kicking up dust everywhere. But the dust cannot affect your phone covered by Ghostek Nautical Series Case. As the backup team arrives, they get the thugs off your back which helps you go on the offensive.

These bad guys are either killed or forced to surrender.

The entire scuffle has not left even a mark on your phone and the water that got onto your clothes and soaked your pants around the S8 did not bother it one bit! Three of the goons are tied up and walked to the police cars, while two lay motionless with blood coming out of them on the floor, and you begin dreaming about relaxing in the woods, barbecuing, and relaxing with your buddies the next day.

Another mission accomplished thanks to your S8 that doubled up as a surveillance device and protected you through yet another dangerous ordeal!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York


  • Poly-carbonate Shell with a Rubberized Spring Bumpers 
  • Slim Body Provides Layers of Ultimate Waterproof, Dust-proof, Snow-Proof, Drop-Proof, Shock-Proof Protection (IP68 Certified) 
  • Touch ID / Fingerprint Compatible 
  • Attached HD Clear Scratch Resistant Screen Guard 
  • Easy Access to All Buttons, Controls, Camera, Speaker & Microphone 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Six Colors to Choose From, Each Coming With a Lanyard 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Black (GHOCAS620)

Perfektní odolné a vodotesne pouzdro



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Black (GHOCAS620)

Je to super



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Red (GHOCAS622)

Pouzdro používám teprve 14 dní a zatím vše v pořádku...pořídil jsem si ho, hlavně kvůli zvýšené prašnosti v práci, ve vodě jsem ho bohužel ještě nezkoušel. Telefon v něm drží velmi dobře. Displej funguje bez problémů. Čtečka otisku prstů taky funguje, akorát není tak citlivá jak bez obalu..Obal působí opravdu odolně, i fólie přes displej je pevná. Veškeré ovládací tlačítka fungujou dobře. Menší problém je akorát při rozebírání, chce to trochu času a síly..
Kvalitní zpracování, odolnost, vše funguje.
Rozebírání chce trošku síly a času, ale to je zřejmě kvůli vodotěsnosti pouzdra. Jinak zatím vše v poho.



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Black (GHOCAS620)

A tokot a munkám és a hobbim mitt vásároltam meg, elég poros és szenyezett helyen dolgozom, sok féle anyaggal. A természet a második otthonom, így védeni akartam az új Samsung s8-s telefonomat.
Szép, könnyű, ezenkivűl? Pasz..
Nem porálló, az első kilyelző védő műanyag lap hamar karcolodik! Egy nap, pár tisztítás és láthatóan karcos?! Ha a port nem bírja, a vizet fogja, vagy a párát? Remélem a tapasztalat és a használat ezt legalább jó irányba tereli.



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Red (GHOCAS622)

Vinikajúci obal,ovela lepšie sa drží mobil v ruke,než čo som mal Spigen,vodotestnosť odskúšaná a taktiež OK.Je teraz ovela väčší,ale mne to nevadí,som nadmieru spokojný,môžem len odporučiť..
Pekný a príjemný vzhlad,odolnosť....
Horší zvuk s repráku a taktiež komunikácia keď s niekým volám,ale to je tým,že je vodeodolný a riadne uzavretý,niekedy problémy s odtlačkom prsta,ale to nemusí byť chyba obalu!