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After a grueling day at the intelligence agency you work with, you are feeling relaxed about the weekend ahead! The thought of spending the weekend relaxing at home or maybe throwing a small party with close buddies is doing the rounds in your mind.

Suddenly, your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus rings. It is your agency leader and he wants you, Dash Hudson, to reach the old warehouse by the river right away.

Two criminal gangs are expected to meet and some of the most wanted goons in town are expected to be there. It is risky, but you are not alien to covering such missions as a covert spy! You have to intercept the area personally, but the agency is also sending a backup team.

Your trusted shotgun is locked up at the agency office. And, you have no time to collect it. All you have is your Galaxy S8 Plus and of course your presence of mind. Thankfully, your flagship phone is protected by Ghostek Cloak 2 Case for Galaxy S8 Plus, one of the safest and robust phone cases out there. You set out for the mission.

You reach the dimly lit warehouse by the riverside and use the darkness to your advantage. The shadows of large trees and old buildings nearby help you hide. You walk stealthily towards the century old building and as you approach it, whispering voices are heard. Even in the darkness, you can spot some figures moving. The criminal gang members have arrived and you have to intercept them.

Nothing Dash Hudson has not done before!

One of the members creeps up from behind and you overpower the guy before he can let out a scream and alert the others. You quickly recover his knife and pocket it. He did not have a gun for some strange reason. After knocking him unconscious, you sneak into the warehouse where the goons have assembled. The gang members are discussing a mega arms deal and you overhear the conversation outside the door of the hall.

Suddenly, a rat running over your shoes makes you jump and the thugs are alerted immediately. As they rush for the door, you hide by the side of a large cabinet. Your phone vibrates twice in your pocket and you feel a little relieved as it is an indication of the backup team slowly arriving on scene. However, the goons spot you and a chase begins in the old building. You use the knife to stay safe and the dimly lit atmosphere is helpful.

Tired of chasing you, the criminals hurl a pipe bomb at you. You duck for cover under a table and in the process your phone drops from the hand and gets knocked a few times on the floor. The smoke helps you give the goons the slip again and the backup team arrives. The gangsters are eventually overpowered and arrested for attempted murder and an assortment of other crimes. Now you begin searching for your phone.

Thankfully, the fall your smartphone took on the cement and the bouncing around it did didn’t damage your phone at all. After all, it is covered by a tremendous and prolific protective case. The Explosion-Proof Screen Protector has saved the screen from getting a single dent. Mission accomplished, you leave the zone with your backup team. The riverside is safe and thug free!

Dash Hudson comes through again and it almost time for pancakes!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York


  • Engineered From a Slim Crystal Clear Full TPU Body & Aluminium Frame 
  • Precision Cut Outs for Easy Access to All Ports & Jacks but Without the Bulkiness 
  • Maintains the Aesthetics of Your Phone While Keeping It Protected 
  • Touch ID Compatible 
  • Includes Explosion-Proof Screen Protector, Unattached 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Upon Impact with the Frame, the Impact Resonance Travels Along the Aluminium Bumper & Is Absorbed Through the TPU 
  • Ghostek® Provides a Lifetime Warranty Exchange on All Their Cases