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I have been sent on a solo secret mission, going undercover to infiltrate a gang of white collar criminals. They do not know my real is Dash Hudson and they never will! These men, and a woman, have a clever modus operandi – they have a legit-looking office where they invite unsuspecting people to put their money into a bogus investment.

Now white collar crime rarely involves violence, but these guys have a couple of henchmen who “take care” of people who start to see through the operation and wanted out along with their money.

After meeting with the “executives” a couple of times, I agree to invest $150,000, which they tell me will triple in 6 months. Now I need to get into the office and get proof of their bogus operation from their computers. From business names, offshore bank accounts and names of victims, all I need to do is transfer the files to my smartphone. Easier said than done with several guards in the building. All I have is my Galaxy S8 to put the files in.

I enter the building – so far, so good. No one has seen me. I quietly slip into the CEO’s office and turn on the computer. Without warning, one of the guards on his rounds sees me. Fearing that any noise will attract the others, I quickly knock him out with a heavy mask adorning the wall.

Back to the computer, I start transferring the files, but as luck would have it, two more guards barge in. I leave my Galaxy S8, protected with the Exec Ghostek® Samsung S8 case, and tackle the two men.

One of them orders the other guard to get my phone and destroy it while he takes care of me. We scuffle and he throws me down on the floor. Meanwhile, the other guard is disconnecting my phone from the computer – all I can do is pray that the transfer is complete.

He drops it on the floor and stomps as hard as he can on it. I quickly disarm the guard and knock him with the butt of his glock. When I do this, the other fumbles for his weapon, but I take a shot and he goes down.

I almost run to my phone and expect to see it completely broken. But no! It is intact. The Exec Galaxy S8 Ghostek case made sure that no impact, no matter how forceful, damages the phone. I check to see if I have everything I came for. Yes, it is all there. Relieved, I make my way out of the building. Mission successful.


Designed by Ghostek® in New York


  • 3 Pocket Wallet (For Your Credit Cards, ID's & Cash) 
  • Touch ID Compatible 
  • Includes Explosion-Proof Screen Protector 
  • Easy Access to All Buttons, Controls, Camera, Speaker & Microphone 
  • Five Colors to Choose From 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.



Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case Exec Series, Black (GHOCAS643)

Kdyby nebránil kryt v ukázování nepřijatých hovoru, tak v pohodě.
Pevný, čitelný, dobrý materiál
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