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The Agency calls me in, Dash Hudson, for a new case. A recent murder investigation has led investigators into a crime web of major proportions. Drugs, human trafficking, extortion – this Ghostek® Exec Series case has it all. And the investigation points to a well-regarded and respected member of the community as the head honcho.

The only problem is that there is no solid proof that can help make an arrest. Needless to say, the man is careful and there is not one person who will talk – they are too afraid.

So my mission is to enter the gang’s HQ and get as much proof as I can – pictures, files, whatever I can get my hands on. The plan is to enter the building as a repairman. I will obviously be checked at the door for weapons, etc. But the truth is that all I really need is my Ghostek® Exec Series Galaxy S8 Plus case. I can simply transfer computer files and take photos.

I get through security and make my way to the main office. Within minutes, I have almost everything I need. Files are transferred, photos of paper documents and maps, etc. are all in my Galaxy S8 Plus. Whistling, literally and figuratively, I get out of the office. One of the guards walks towards me – I know that he now knows that no repairs were needed. I make a dash for it in the opposite direction and in minutes, there are three tough guys chasing me.

One of them catches up with me and tackles me to the ground. The other two reach us and before I know it, I am on the receiving end of a hail of kicks. Every inch of me hurts. I lay there motionless, playing knocked out. Two of the guys pick me up and drag me away.

I quickly take one’s firearm and elbow the other. Because of the element of surprise, I am able to quickly take them down. Satisfied that they will not be chasing me any time soon, I painfully make my way out of the building.

I suddenly remember the evidence I was supposed to collect. Digging into my pocket, I get my phone out. Not a scratch on it – phew! I finally get to my car and drive away. I report back to the Agency right away and hand over the evidence.

Needless to say, the Director is all smiles – I collected enough information to build a case against the head of the operations. His days of being seen as a respected member of the community will be over in a few days – all thanks to my Exec Ghostek® Galaxy S8 case.


Designed by Ghostek® in New York



  • 3 Pocket Wallet (For Your Credit Cards, ID's & Cash) 
  • Touch ID Compatible 
  • Includes Explosion-Proof Screen Protector 
  • Easy Access to All Buttons, Controls, Camera, Speaker & Microphone 
  • Five Colors to Choose From 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.